Faith Family Freedom

“My children, Grace and Trey, serve as a constant reminder for what is at stake for Kentucky’s future. As Kentucky’s Attorney General, I will fight to protect our Commonwealth, for my family and yours.”


Wil Schroder is 100% pro-life and is the only candidate with a voting record to prove it.  As a Senator, Wil supported a number of pro-life bills in the General Assembly, including a bill that protects life when a heart beat is detected. Kentucky Right to Life endorsed Wil in both of his Senate races.  Kentucky’s current Attorney General has declined to defend pro-life legislation. You can be sure that Wil Schroder will be a voice for the voiceless and will defend the rights of the unborn.

Protect the 2nd Amendment 

The right to bear arms is a fundamental right guaranteed by our Constitution, and Wil Schroder will stand up for your 2nd Amendment Rights. Wil received an “A” rating by the NRA in both of his Senate races. The United States Supreme Court will hear an important case on our Second Amendment rights during their next term. While Kentucky’s current Attorney General decided to remain silent on this issue, Wil Schroder would let the Court know his views on the importance of upholding the Second Amendment.  “As a prosecutor and a state senator, I swore to uphold the Constitution of the Commonwealth and our Country. As Attorney General, protecting your Constitutional Rights will be a top priority.”

Drug Epidemic and Substance Abuse

Drug addiction impacts Kentuckians across the Commonwealth and knows no boundaries. As a former felony prosecutor in Campbell County, Wil worked with law enforcement to stop drug traffickers and help addicts receive the treatment they needed. In 2015, Schroder was one of five senators assigned to a conference committee to negotiate with House Democrats on key heroin legislation.  That bill increased penalties for drug traffickers, expanded treatment options for addicts, and allowed the use of Naloxone (Narcan) without a prescription, which resulted in thousands of lives being saved.  In the sessions that followed, Wil continued to support bills aimed at ending the opioid epidemic. Wil Schroder supports expanding treatment options for addicts, especially in our jails and prison system.

Deceptive practices by drug manufacturers led to an overprescribing of highly addictive opioids that has wreak havoc on our Commonwealth.  Wil Schroder will hold these companies accountable and will not be afraid to stand up to big pharmaceutical companies.

Protecting Children

Protecting Kentucky children from sexual abuse, exploitation, child trafficking, domestic violence, and cyber-bullying will be a priority for Wil Schroder. As a Senator, Wil assisted with the passage of Jenna’s Law, which changed the statutory rape law to state that a 16- or 17-year-old is incapable of consent when the other person involved is 28 years old or older.

Protecting Seniors

A society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable. We must stand up against abuse of our older and at-risk adults. This includes not only physical abuse and neglect, but also fraud. Our elderly are especially susceptible to financial schemes that can rob them of their savings. This great Commonwealth would not be where it is today without the foundation laid by our seniors, and we must do everything we can to protect them.

Consumer Protection

Wil is dedicated to protecting Kentuckians against deceptive practices. If elected, Wil will ensure that the Attorney General’s office is prepared to defend Kentuckians against phone scams, deceptive door-to-door solicitation, and identity theft. Additionally, Wil plans to ensure that companies engaging in business within the Commonwealth of Kentucky are held to ethical fair practices.

Sexual Assault Victims

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, “in the U.S., one in three women and one in six men experienced some form of sexual violence in their lifetime.” This is an alarming statistic, and as Attorney General, Wil Schroder will work with victims of crime to bring justice and also assist them in receiving the resources they need to heal from such trauma. In 2017, Schroder was the primary sponsor of a bill that lengthened the time to bring forward a civil action when one is the victim of sexual assault or abuse. As a result of this legislation, Senator Schroder won the Champion of Justice award from The Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs. To read more please visit the NKy Tribune.

Human Trafficking

Reports of human trafficking have increased in Kentucky over the past decade. It is hard to believe that such a vile crime is present in our Commonwealth. Wil Schroder will not only prosecute these cases, but he will also work to ensure that those in law enforcement have the training and resources that they need to deal with these horrific crimes.

Protect the 1st Amendment

Religious Freedom: The freedom to worship freely is what brought so many early settlers to this great Country. It is crucial that this sacred right be protected. Destruction of a place or worship and/or intimidation of its participants should not be tolerated. As Attorney General, Wil Schroder will work with local law enforcement to ensure that offenders are fully prosecuted.

Freedom of Speech: Wil Schroder will stand up for the 1st Amendment as Attorney General. As a state senator, Wil worked on a bill to protect college students’ right to free speech while on campus. As Kentucky’s Attorney General, Wil Schroder won’t hesitate to stand up for one’s First Amendment rights.

Protecting Law Enforcement

As a former prosecutor, Wil worked directly with law enforcement and knows the great risks they take to provide for our public safety. In the Senate, Wil consistently voted for measures to support law enforcement, including bills that raised in the line of duty death benefits and provided raises and new equipment for Kentucky State Police. Wil also supported the Blue Lives Matter law, which made it a hate crime to target police officers. As Attorney General and the Commonwealth’s top law enforcement officer, Wil Schroder will continue to support law enforcement and will work with members of the General Assembly to update laws to help protect our brothers and sisters in law enforcement.

Federal Overreach

Wil Schroder is dedicated to protecting the Commonwealth of Kentucky against federal overreach, which often times negatively affects commerce and private property rights within Kentucky. When elected, Wil Schroder will fight to prevent federal overreach into state and local powers.

Illegal Immigration and Sanctuary Cities

Wil Schroder pledges to enforce the laws of Kentucky and the United States of America in regard to illegal immigration. As a former felony prosecutor, Wil believes that we must stop the flow of illegal immigrants to protect the safety of all Kentuckians. Wil promises to do his part in protecting Kentuckians against crimes closely associated with illegal immigration such as drug trafficking, organized crime, and human trafficking. Wil stands against the existence of sanctuary cities because of the danger that they create in our communities.

Transparency and Accessibility

To paraphrase Justice Louis Brandeis, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” Transparency is crucial in the office of Attorney General. Past Attorney Generals have agreed to sealing settlement records at the cost of transparency. Wil Schroder will fight to ensure that the actions of the Attorney General’s office are transparent. As Attorney General, Schroder will also make it a priority to make the Attorney General’s office more accessible. Currently, the Attorney General’s office is located in Frankfort with two field offices in Louisville and Prestonsburg. If the budget allows, Wil would pursue opportunities to open additional field offices.  At the very least, Wil would host office hours throughout the Commonwealth to assist constituents with consumer-related issues, including filing consumer complaints and providing information about scams, identity theft, and other protections.

Cyber Security

As our world continues to develop, it will continue to rely upon online systems more and more. As Attorney General, Wil plans to aggressively target criminals who choose to take advantage of Kentuckians over the web.