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“As your State Senator, I will continue to fight to make Kentucky a better place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Kentucky is Open for Business: Jobs & Growing our Economy
  • Record number of new companies investing in Kentucky
  • 17,000 + new jobs

Thanks to pro-growth policies passed by Wil Schroder and other conservative leaders, Kentucky set a record of $9.2 billion in corporate investments in 2017 and more than 17,000 new jobs were created. The unemployment rate has reached a forty-year record low, and business is booming again in Kentucky. Wil is endorsed by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce PAC and will continue to support business-friendly policies that attract and retain good paying jobs to Kentucky.

Tax Reform
  • Expand the Base & Lower the Rates
  • A Competitive Tax Code to Attract Businesses

As part of a tax reform package, Wil Schroder voted to lower the personal income rate in Kentucky. Lowering the rates and expanding the base is a model that a number of states have had success with. Wil supports returning more money to the people and letting them decide where to spend it. According to the Tax Foundation on the State Business Tax Climate Index, as a result of legislation passed in 2018, Kentucky went from 33 to 18 in tax climate favorability (27 to 22 on corporate and 29 to 17 on personal income tax).

Kentucky’s Pension Crisis

For years legislators in Frankfort ignored the state’s pension crisis. In the 2018 budget, Wil Schroder voted in favor of allocating almost $3.4 billion towards Kentucky’s pension system with over $2.3 billion going to the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System. This allocation has already led to visible positive results. Wil also voted in favor of pension reform in order to address the problem before it gets worse.

What Does This Bill Actually Do?

  • Retirees: Nothing changes. Retirees in the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System will NOT see a change in their Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA). Instead they will continue to receive a 1.5% COLA every year.
  • Current Teachers/State Workers:
  • Sick days will be capped January 1, 2019, and sick days moving forward will not be factored into their retirement calculation. However, teachers WILL still get paid for accumulated sick days. Under the current model, these days were able to be used when factoring in your final retirement to get a higher average salary. This ends under the new bill; however, as stated above, days accumulated before January 1, 2019, can be used as they always had been. This change was recommended by the Kentucky Superintendents group.
  • Teachers are not being asked to work longer and end of career benefit enhancements remain in place.
  • Future Teachers: Will be placed into a hybrid cash balance plan, which is the same plan implemented for all new state employees since 2013 but with higher contribution rates. In an April 2018 email, the Jefferson County Teachers Association stated, “our own study, commissioned by the Kentucky Public Pension Coalition and the Kentucky Public Pension Coalition and the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association, indicated that if TRS averages anything close to the system’s projected 7.5% rate of return for the next 30 years, the Cash Balance retirement benefit would be better than our Current Defined Benefit pension benefit for a 30 year employee.”
Heroin Epidemic and Substance Abuse

As a former felony prosecutor in Campbell County, Wil Schroder worked with law enforcement to stop drug traffickers and help addicts receive the treatment they needed. In 2015, as a member of the Republican Majority, Schroder was one of five senators assigned to a conference committee to negotiate with House Democrats on key heroin legislation. That bill allowed the purchasing of Naloxone (Narcan) without a prescription, and as a result, thousands of lives have been saved. In the sessions that followed, Wil continued to support bills aimed at stamping out the opioid epidemic. Wil Schroder supports expanding treatment options for addicts, especially in our jails and prison system.

Support our Schools & Education Needs

Wil Schroder voted to appropriate a record amount of funding to the SEEK formula for Kentucky students in 2018, and also to help solve Kentucky’s ailing pension crisis. The budget passed by the General Assembly in 2018 funded Kentucky retirement systems to record levels.

Schroder has also been a strong supporter of dual credit scholarships for high school students as well as legislation to move Kentucky’s public universities to a performance-based funding model. Wil believes the Commonwealth needs to be preparing our children for jobs to meet the needs of our growing economy.

Protect the 2nd Amendment

The right to bear arms is a fundamental right guaranteed by our Constitution and Wil Schroder is the only candidate in the race that will support your 2nd Amendment Rights. Schroder received an A ranking and is endorsed by the NRA.


Wil Schroder is the only pro-life candidate in the race. Wil has supported a number of pro-life bills in the General Assembly, including a bill that bans web-cam abortions. Schroder is endorsed by Kentucky Right-to-Life.

Disability Community

What started out as a door-to-door conversation while campaigning resulted in landmark legislation in Kentucky. Wil Schroder was the primary sponsor for Kentucky’s version of the Achieving Better Life Expectancy (ABLE) Act. This act allows families to save for their loved ones who have disabilities without fear of losing their government benefits. To read more please visit Fort Thomas Matters.

Sexual Assault Victims

In 2017, Wil Schroder was the primary sponsor of a bill that lengthened the time to bring forward a civil action when one is the victim of sexual assault or abuse. The statute of limitations had been one year, but under the new law, the victim will have five years from the date of offense and ten years if the person was a juvenile. As a result of this legislation, Senator Schroder won the Champion of Justice award from The Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs.